Back pain / Posture

Do you often have back pain? Do you regularly have back pain and the impression that your back is stiff? Does your job require you to be in a sitting position? You are in the right place to relieve your back pain, but also to improve your posture. Sciatica, lumbago, neck and cervical pain, zoom on the causes of back pain.

Why do we have back pain?

According to a survey by the League against Rheumatism, back pain is reaching epidemic proportions in Switzerland. 50% of those surveyed report back pain in 2020. Back pain is considered the disease of the century. Indeed, one of the most common causes is office work with poor posture held for hours. Chronic stress also causes significant muscle tension. To a lesser extent, back pain can also be caused by a herniated disc (pressure on a nerve from an intervertebral disc).

There are many other causes of back pain:

  • Significant sedentary lifestyle;
  • An imbalance in the pelvis;
  • Trauma (various accidents);
  • Muscle pathology or degeneration;
  • Scoliosis;
  • A lack of physical activity.

What are the consequences of back problems?

Back pain can become chronic, allowing the pain to become long-lasting. This can lead to disability, morning stiffness, significant decrease in flexibility in other parts of the body, etc. Massage therapy, yoga, sports, you can turn to several practices to treat back pain naturally.

What services does Samaé offer to effectively relieve back pain?

One of the best remedies for back pain is movement. Yoga, Pilates, weight training, bodybuilding, abs, but also therapeutic massage to relieve muscle and joint tension are on the program.

Hatha Yoga

It is the classical yoga that allows through the postures to deeply relieve the back pain. Sessions are one-on-one, at your home, in the studio or online.

Yin Yoga

It is the soft yoga which solicits the deep tissues and allows a stretching of the muscles. Sessions are one-on-one, at your home, in the studio or online.

Vinyasa Yoga

It is the ideal dynamic yoga to relieve your back with a rhythmic sequence of postures. You gain mobility and strengthen deep muscles. Sessions are one-on-one, at your home, in the studio or online.

Yoga therapy

This yoga is distinguished by its scientific approach. It puts the health of the individual on a pedestal and invites you to stretch your body to relieve your back pain in depth. Sessions are individual, in your home, or online.


Stretching works on the joints, so you gain lasting flexibility. Sessions are one-on-one, at your home, in the studio or online.

Therapeutic massage

The effectiveness of therapeutic massages against back pain is well established. The intensity of the pain may decrease after only one treatment. Say goodbye to back problems!


Through ancestral and approved techniques, reboutology allows to decrease back pain and to rebalance the pelvis. Our treatment also combines fasciatherapy, which allows for deep tissue decongestion.


Since back pain is often caused by stress, sophrology can be very effective in treating the emotional cause of back pain.


By acting on the unconscious, hypnosis can be a real natural painkiller thanks to suggestions.

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