Do you want to improve the flexibility of your body? Are you tired of its persistent stiffness? Do you feel like you’re holding on tightly and that your spine is rubbery? Joint mobility is not only reserved for star dancers. If you’ve been wanting to do the splits for a while, it would be a shame to give them up!

Beyond the image of the dancer, flexibility and good posture are real assets in everyday life. Indeed, they allow to reduce considerably muscular injuries, tendonitis and strains especially during physical activity.

How to gain flexibility?

The first step to flexibility is to learn how to breathe deeply. An adapted and controlled breathing is essential because it allows to relax the muscles to make them more flexible and to stretch them better. During this breathing work, you will feel every muscle relax in your glutes, legs, knees, calves and even your toes.

Increasing your body’s flexibility through flexibility exercises will help eliminate muscle tension and stiffness in general. Attention, flexibility also requires regular work. The body must gradually get used to going further and must be stimulated daily.

What exercises to work on your flexibility?

To work on the flexibility of the lower back, adductors, buttocks, thighs and upper limbs, the exercises are endless. We advise you to be accompanied by movement experts in order to do stretches adapted to your level. Giving flexibility to your body cannot be improvised, the accompaniment of a professional allows you to develop the flexibility of your body as a whole while avoiding muscular contractions.

What services does Samaé offer to improve your flexibility effectively?

We recommend yoga and Pilates. Indeed, both disciplines allow to improve the muscular and articular health thanks to stretching positions worked in synergy with the breathing. The deep muscles of the body are solicited, which increases the flexibility of your entire body.


Back stretching, static stretching and dynamic stretching all play a role in the joints. This way, you gain lasting flexibility. Sessions are one-on-one, at your home, in the studio or online.


Hatha Yoga

It is a classical yoga which allows through certain postures (downward dog, crab claw, child’s pose, etc.) to gain flexibility and to reconnect with the body. Sessions are individual and take place at your home, in the studio or online.


Yin Yoga

It is a soft yoga that solicits the deep tissues allowing to relax while stretching the muscles. The stretching exercises proposed during this yoga session will allow you to become more flexible in a few sessions. Relaxation and stretching are the two words that best characterize this gentle yoga. Sessions are one-on-one at your home, in the studio or online. relaxation


Vinyasa Yoga

It is a dynamic yoga with a rhythmic sequence of postures. You gain mobility and elasticity while strengthening the deep muscles of your body. Sessions are one-on-one at your home, in the studio or online.


Yoga Therapy

It is a yoga with a scientific approach. This type of yoga mixes styles. It adapts to you and your goals and allows you to gain flexibility while taking care of your health. This approach is for all types of people, novice or experienced.


What services does Samaé offer to boost flexibility?

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