Getting back in shape

With the arrival of the warm weather, you want to feel good about your body and regain your vitality. You’re probably looking forward to getting back into the gym, but it’s been a while since you’ve set foot in a gym. There’s nothing like getting back in shape to get back into shape gently and sustainably.

Fitness in a few words

The objective of a fitness program is, above all, to give the body everything it needs to get back into optimal physical condition. This includes movement and a lively, vitalizing diet. But be careful. We often confuse dieting with fitness. The objective is not necessarily to lose weight, but to review our diet to make it an ally of our vitality. That said, it is the best way to stabilize your weight.

The benefits of getting back into shape

By giving the body the nutrients it needs and getting it moving again, we improve our mental health at the same time. Indeed, the practice of sports leads to the release of endorphins responsible for the feeling of pleasure. We also improve our cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of many civilization diseases such as diabetes. By introducing a more balanced diet and daily physical preparation, we take time for ourselves. We decrease the feeling of being in a frantic race, the feeling of stress while increasing our self-esteem through the reconnection to the body.

Process for a successful fitness

Here are our 5 golden rules for successful fitness:

  • Preparing the body and mind for a transformation;
  • Rebalancing your diet for a lasting change;
  • Return to sport at your own pace to integrate physical activity into your daily life;
  • Favour a personalized accompaniment with a sports coach and a nutrithérapeute for effective results;
  • Allow yourself moments of relaxation to feel good in your body and in your head.

Samaé’s services to boost your fitness

The sport to build muscle effectively

Physical activity of course and with a personal trainer! There is nothing better than a complete and customized fitness program. Good mood and friendly atmosphere are on the menu!

Muscular reinforcement, cardio, endurance, stretching, sheathing, slimming, the coach adapts to YOUR objectives to make you burn a maximum of calories. The session can take place anywhere in Geneva, at home, near your work or online.

Cleanse your body with a detox

There is nothing better than to make a big cleaning of the body through a detox. It is an excellent way to start from scratch, purify the body, eliminate accumulated toxins that prevent our emunctory organs from functioning properly. There are many detox cures and the rule is to adapt to your body and your overall health. To carry out your treatment, nothing is better than to be accompanied by an expert.

A food rebalancing to learn to eat better

Instead of embarking on a restrictive diet, we advise you to be accompanied by a nutritherapy to make a real food rebalancing. The idea is to change your eating habits in a sustainable way without frustration. It’s about learning to eat consciously, to give your body all the nutrients it needs and to enjoy yourself! You will benefit from numerous dietary tips and a personalized program just for you!

Tone your whole body with yoga

Yoga combines the body and mind to help you get back in shape and exercise gently. You will be able to build up your muscles in depth, improve your posture and gain in serenity. We offer you Hatha and Vinyasa!

Absolute relaxation with mindfulness meditation

Meditation can help you reduce stress, let go and stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself for better vitality. It can also help you relax, eat mindfully and improve your relationship with food in a sustainable way. You can learn to meditate with our experts or deepen your practice. No need for a dedicated space, the course is individual and can take place at your home and online.

Hypnosis to learn how to be zen and recharge your batteries

By acting on the unconscious, hypnosis can be a real ally in motivating you to resume sports or to eat healthily. Through suggestion and visualization, our expert hypnotherapists will help you change your behavior from within. The session is individual and takes place at the therapist’s office or online.

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