Manage your emotions

Disgust, guilt, anxiety, anger, fear… our emotions are an integral part of our reality. Channeling and managing your emotions is one of the keys to happiness. Find out everything you need to know about emotional management and release below.

What is an emotion?

An emotion, etymologically, is what makes us move, what sets us in motion. It is a brief and intense reaction to an external stimulus that can be perceived by our senses. This stimulus triggers physiological and psychological reactions specific to each individual.

These reactions help us to know if the situation we are experiencing is suitable or not in order to guide our choices and behaviors. Our basic emotions therefore play an essential role in our lives and deserve to be listened to and welcomed properly.

How to learn to manage your emotions?

First of all, it is a question of perceiving, becoming aware of and living one’s emotions with kindness and without judgment. Then, once you are aware of the existence of an emotion, you can learn to respect and explore it both for the health and harmony of your inner world, but also for the outer world.

Emotional intelligence allows for smooth communication as well as empathetic and fair behavior.

How not to be overwhelmed by your emotions?

Controlling one’s emotions requires putting oneself in the position of an observer. Observe your emotions from the outside. Feel gratitude for this internal system that allows you to react and keeps you alive. Welcome your emotion even if it is negative by trying to attach it to one of the major categories (fear, sadness, anger, …).

Take a moment with yourself to identify the need that your emotion expressed. If this need is not met, the emotion will be expressed again and again.

How to channel your negative emotions?

How to control our emotions? Fear, sadness and anger are considered unpleasant emotions. Before they lead to psychosomatic illness, these emotions can be released by working on the reptilian brain. Indeed, it keeps the imprint of our negative emotions inherited from the past.

A therapeutic and personalized accompaniment is necessary to evacuate these harmful emotions. However, you can start this work by trying to write down what you feel on paper, to calm the mind.

What therapies are available to manage emotions?

To identify your emotions in depth and to work on them, our experts will accompany you in a personalized way. They help you to regulate the emotions crystallized in your body in order to free yourself from them.

Emotional release

Emotional release is a brief technique. Also called “Emotional Regulation”, this technique is characterized by the disconnection of repetitive patterns and automatisms lodged in the reptilian brain, i.e. our primary instinct.

The sessions are held online.


Sophrology allows you to welcome and better manage your emotions with appropriate breathing and relaxation techniques. Over the course of the sessions, you will learn to associate the positive emotion with the negative emotion in order to regain control of the manifestations of your emotional ailments.

Make an appointment with our certified sophrologists for a personalized follow-up online, at home or at the office.

The Bach flowers

Bach flowers are flower essences created by Dr. Bach. There are 38 Bach flowers (39 with “Rescue”, an emergency remedy). Each one targets an emotion, a personality and a mood.

These flower preparations are classified into 7 categories, and thus associated with 7 emotional states including: fear, uncertainty, loneliness, lack of interest in the present, sadness or despair, hypersensitivity and excessive concern for the well-being of others.

Make an appointment with our certified Bach flower practitioners for a personalized follow-up online, at home or at the office.

Chi Nei Tsang

This complete method from traditional Chinese medicine allows to work in a global way to release the emotions crystallized in the body, especially in the abdomen. Chi Nei Tsang sessions are individual and take place in the therapist’s office.

Make an appointment with our expert Chi Nei Tsang therapists.

Coaching in personal development

Through visualization and emotional awareness techniques, coaching effectively helps you generate positive emotions. Coaching sessions are individual and take place online.

Make an appointment with our personal development coaches.

Care with the sacred cocoa

This energy treatment can change your emotional state in a few minutes! Although each session is unique, the session includes the taking of the sacred drink and according to the energy of the moment, guided meditations, shamanic journey, channeling of the Beings of Light, energetic care, vibratory transforming accompaniment, alchemy of movement, care with crystals, guidance by the oracles

Discover this unique liberating treatment.

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