Muscle and joint pain

Do you regularly have the feeling of being in pain? Or perhaps you often have pain in the same area? Aches and pains, cramps and contractures are part of your daily life. This is very often due to one or more muscular and/or joint pains. The physical effort delivered following a sports practice should not cause you such pains.

What causes muscle pain?

They are the result of an excessive solicitation of the muscle during a physical activity translating a state of muscular fatigue. They can also be caused by a pathology such as the flu, a false move, overwork or chronic stress. This type of pain can be localized or generalized, associated with other pain such as joint pain.

How to recognize joint pain?

The main difference with muscle pain is that it is felt when the body is at rest. Muscle pain is most often felt when the body is in motion, when the muscle is being used. Joint pain usually comes from the natural aging of the body.

If in doubt about possible muscle damage, it is best to consult a doctor.

How to recognize physical pain due to stress?

The origin of muscular and/or articular pains can be linked to our lifestyle and in particular to our stress level. When we are under excessive and chronic stress, our body produces a hormone called “cortisol”. Over the long term, this will cause the muscles to harden in preparation for flight or fight. The intense pain created can be felt acutely in the shoulders, neck, and shoulder blades.

What services does Samaé offer to relieve muscle and joint pain?

Back pain, exhaustion, muscular tension, headaches, you can relieve and prevent these pains thanks to massage therapy, but also with the help of yoga sessions or through meditation. These therapies have proven to be effective in helping to relax muscles against muscle and joint tension.

Therapeutic massage

Our massage therapists are perfectly adapted to your needs. Beforehand, a history is taken to understand the cause of your pain. A set of techniques will then be used for a sometimes immediate relief. The objective of this service is to alleviate the traumas linked to bad hydration, too much sports activity or painful muscular contractures.

Detox Massage

Massages help relieve muscle pain. The alternation of gentle and tonic movements activates the blood circulation of your body. Massaging releases toxins and tension that may be the cause of your muscular problems.

Yashi dome

Do you want to enjoy an extraordinary service? Try the adventure with an exceptional care. Relax with a detox massage combined with the yashi dome. Also called Japanese sauna, the infrared waves of this one give the impression to have taken a sun bath. The deep sweating caused by the device allows, among other things, to relieve muscle tension. It is essential to hydrate a lot after the session!


This ancestral treatment helps relieve lumbar and cervical tensions. The precise gestures of our experts aim to oxygenate the area surrounding the painful zone.

Chi Nei Tsang

What could be better than this treatment from the Chinese tradition to get rid of your joint tensions! It is mainly an abdominal massage that acts on both the body and the mind.

Nidra Yoga

It is the yoga of relaxation par excellence. It helps very effectively to relax muscles and joints. The stretching done during the session gives a very pleasant feeling of fullness.

Sessions are one-on-one, at your home, in the studio or online.

What services does Samaé offer to relieve muscle and joint pain?

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