Self-esteem and confidence

Negative thoughts assail you, you feel the gaze of others weighing on you, you are afraid of judgments and of failing daily. You would like to feel better, but you don’t know how to improve your sense of competence. It’s a vicious circle, the worse you feel, the more you sink into a lack of self-worth.

We have all had to deal with that little voice inside that tells us we are not capable of carrying out a particular project or achieving set goals. Unfortunately, we naturally like to stay in our comfort zone. Getting out of it requires a big effort that can sometimes seem insurmountable without help. Having enough confidence in yourself and believing in your abilities is having the courage to get out and live your dream life.

What is the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem?

Having self-confidence is our ability to do and complete our projects. Having a good self-esteem, on the other hand, is intimately linked to our subjective evaluation of ourselves. Self-confidence is an integral part of self-esteem. The one is not without the other. You should also know that self-esteem also includes self-love and self-image.

How to develop self-confidence?

Regaining self-confidence and improving self-esteem requires action. Sometimes a simple gesture can be enough to get out of your comfort zone. This effect triggers a virtuous circle to have more confidence in yourself, but beware, this is not enough.

Limiting beliefs must be deconstructed. Identifying the ones that diminish your self-confidence is the first step to moving forward towards releasing your full potential.

What support is needed to develop confidence and strengthen self-esteem?

Coaching in personal development to develop self-confidence / increase self-esteem

The numerous techniques of personal development (NLP, etc.) allow the reprogramming of limiting beliefs, the main obstacle to confidence and self-esteem.

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Sophrology to develop self-confidence / self-esteem

Sophrology allows to work on the physical, psychic and emotional levels. The exercises proposed by our certified sophrologists will allow you to regain control of your emotions and your needs without judging them.

With this support, you will be able to accept change more easily, while learning to know and accept yourself. Say goodbye to your devalued image, make way for a person with a good self-image ready to blossom and grow to reach his goals.

Hypnosis to develop self-confidence / self-esteem

By accessing the unconscious, your therapist uses hypnosis to act on negative beliefs about yourself, on memories related to your failures, and on unconscious processes related to your negative emotions.

Bach Flower Remedies for self-esteem

Bach flowers help you to overcome your fear of failure, to find the determination and confidence to try. You can use it if you feel less capable than others or if you anticipate failure so much that you don’t even try.

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