Stress / Anxiety

Do you often feel stressed? Regularly anxious? Not in the moment enough? You are part of the vast majority of the population under stress. Stress is the real scourge of our century. It is the disease of diseases. But, how to manage stress? We will help you do this in an effective and sustainable way.

What is stress?

Stress is a reaction of our body to danger. This can be temporary and therefore natural or it can become chronic.

When it is temporary, it causes the production of hormones such as adrenaline which ensures that the body can react quickly to a situation. When stress is chronic, it causes the secretion of cortisol and leads to a metabolic and physiological disorder.

What are the symptoms of stress?

Stress can be the cause of many illnesses depending on its intensity and chronicity:

  • Fatigue;
  • Decreased immunity;
  • Palpitations;
  • Irritability;
  • Nutritional deficiency (poor absorption of vitamins, nutrients, etc.);
  • Accelerated aging;
  • Sleep Disorders;
  • General malaise;
  • Headaches.

Stress is the cause of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, depression, burn-out, alcoholism, heart attack and even acne in adults.

What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

Stress is caused by an external stimulus. This is the consequence of something that has happened in our environment. Anxiety is not a consequence of a direct effect, but rather a negative anticipation of a future event.

What services does Samaé offer to put an end to stress?

In a holistic way, stress is to be considered in a global way. In order to cope with it, apart from calming the mind, it is also necessary to release the tensions accumulated in the body and reconnect with the present moment. It is also important to identify the underlying causes of stress in order to eliminate the problem at its root.

Here are the most effective body and mental/emotional approaches:

  • Sports to reduce stress;
  • Therapeutic massage;
  • Detox massage;
  • Lymphatic drainage;
  • Massage for pregnant women;
  • Chi nei tsang;
  • Chi nei tsang of the 5 organs;
  • Reboutology;
  • lyashi dome;
  • Detox & lyashi dome massage;
  • Reflexology.

Sophrology to reduce stress

This mind-body method avoids stress in a global way thanks to visualization, breathing and muscle relaxation techniques. This program was developed by sophrologists, doctors and psychologists to combat stress in everyday life. Consultations are held online, at home or at the office.

If you would like to try a sophrology session first, you can do an initial consultation with our certified sophrologists.

Hypnosis to reduce stress

Hypnosis allows you to address the underlying cause of stress via your unconscious mind. You will also learn to relax through self-hypnosis techniques. Thanks to this support, you will be more confident and serene when faced with stressful situations. It is possible to consult online, at home or at the office.

Emotional release technique

Thanks to the Cleen method, you can free yourself from the emotions that cause stress in just a few sessions. This method uses the body to identify negative emotions and eliminate them once and for all.

Consultations are conducted online only.

Personal development to reduce stress

Coaching is used to consciously identify the psychological and emotional sources of stress. During this session, your coach will guide you towards change using positive visualization and other coaching techniques.

Consultations are offered online, at home or in the office.

Lymphatic drainage

Drainage is a great way to reduce stress. Thanks to very gentle effleurages, you will feel the benefits of the massage as your accumulated stress evaporates.

Consultations online, at home or at the office.

Meditation to reduce stress

Meditation allows you to anchor yourself in the present moment and forget everything for a moment of zen! Breathing exercises will even take your mind off your work stress!

Individual sessions online, at home or at the office.

Yoga to reduce stress

Yoga is a wonderful discipline to reduce your stress. The different postures, the breathing, the alternation of fast and slow movements, are excellent ways to stimulate the parasympathetic system and calm the body and mind. Our certified yoga teachers offer one-on-one sessions in the studio, at home or online.

Discover our different types of yoga.

Bach flowers to reduce stress and anxiety

The Bach flowers help to reduce anxiety and fears. If you have suffered an emotional shock, Bach flowers can also be of great help.

Sessions are individual and take place in the therapist’s office or online.

Stress / Anxiety

Do you often feel stressed? Regularly anxious? Not in the moment enough? You are part of the vast majority of the population under stress. Stress

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