Weight loss

Every year, the beautiful days remind us of the diktat of the ideal weight and the perfect and shapely bodies… The famous “summer body”! Before giving you advice on how to lose weight sustainably and effectively, we would like to warn you against this diktat and above all encourage you to love your body, to reconnect with its needs. If you are prone to excessive sedentary behavior, countless deviations, and feel like you are no longer in control of your relationship with food, you have come to the right place.

What are the factors that promote weight gain?

Weight gain results from:

  • Imbalance between caloric intake and energy expenditure;
  • Snacking and compulsive eating;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Stress, depression;
  • Restrictive diets that are interpreted by our brain as episodes of starvation (i.e. AGRP neurons).

What foods are fattening?

There are no real caloric foods that make you fat. You must take into account your diet as a whole. Depriving your body of food will not make you lose weight quickly. It’s all about balance. Pleasure moments are not to be banished like healthy food. Thus, nothing beats personalized coaching to integrate eating habits that suit your lifestyle, your tastes, your metabolism, your emotional state of health, etc.

Which diets are best for long-term weight loss?

Your few extra kilos have settled in, particularly because of the many restrictive diets you have imposed on yourself over the years. Don’t fall into the trap of dieting before the summer to lose your excess weight only to gain it back right after. Say goodbye to the “yo-yo effect”.

The best diet is one that respects your body’s needs, your metabolism, your tastes and your lifestyle. In short, a diet that adapts exactly to your needs. This is what is more commonly known as “food rebalancing”.

Let’s get back to a balanced diet!

Is sport effective for weight loss?

How to lose weight in the long term? By adopting a healthy diet adapted to your needs and by carrying out regular physical activity.

Playing sports allows your body to burn off energy. Cardiovascular activities such as running, cardio-training or HIIT (high intensity training) allow for a significant energy expenditure that will reduce your fatty tissue. Muscle strengthening activities allow you to gain muscle and therefore weight. The more muscle mass you build, the higher your basal metabolic rate will be, so the more calories you will consume.

What services does Samaé offer to help you lose weight sustainably?

The sport

Burn fat, have a flat stomach, refine your figure, it is possible with physical activity and the support of a coach. The latter delivers a complete and tailor-made program to lose weight naturally and effectively. Muscle strengthening, cardio, flexibility, posture, the coach adapts to your objectives. The session can take place anywhere in Geneva, at home, near your work or online.


Food rebalancing

Instead of embarking on a restrictive diet, we advise you to be accompanied by a nutritherapist to make a real food rebalancing. The idea is to change your eating habits in a sustainable way without frustration. It is about learning to eat consciously, to bring to your body all the nutrients (vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids) that it needs and to enjoy yourself!

The session is individual and can take place at the therapist’s office or online.



By acting on the unconscious, hypnosis can be a real ally in losing weight by motivating you to resume sports or to eat healthily. Through suggestion and visualization, our expert hypnotherapists will help you change your behavior from the inside (appetite regulation, losing the desire to snack, working on the feeling of satiety, etc.).

The session is individual and can take place at your home and online.



By acting on the emotions, sophrology will allow you to free yourself from food impulses. Food is very often a means of comfort. Our sophrologists accompany you to work on the cause of eating disorders: your emotional health.

The session is individual and can take place at the therapist’s office or online.


Mindfulness meditation

Meditation can help you eat mindfully and improve your relationship with food in a sustainable way. You can learn to meditate with our experts or deepen your practice. The course is individual and can take place at your home and online.



Emotional release with the CLEEN method

Food is strongly linked to our emotions. Often, excess weight is due to poor emotional health. The CLEEN method allows you to free yourself from this emotional weight and to solve the weight problem at the source.

The session is individual and takes place online.


Emotional release with Bach flowers

As seen above, food and emotions go hand in hand. Dr. Bach has left us a wonderful gift with the Bach flower essences. These allow you to transform your negative emotions into positive ones. The session is individual and can take place at the therapist’s office or online.


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