Care with the Doctors of Heaven

You've come to the right place if...

● You suffer from physical and/or emotional ailments;

● You have existential demands;

● Looking for general guidance;

● You simply want a moment of well-being.

How does it work in practice?

In connection with the MDC, a complete work is done on your different energetic bodies, your rooting and on your different chakras. A message from the MDCs will be sent directly to you so that you can better understand and integrate the work done. The treatment adapts to you, at the moment you receive it. It is about letting yourself be, in benevolent energies of love and light to heal your soul. Soul care can also be complemented with the wisdom of plants: Bach flowers, spagyrics, essential oils.

Thanks to this session, you will be able to...

Healing Your Soul;

Understand your ailments and emotions;

● Obtain guidance from an MDC.

Practical information

🕑 1h to 2h

📍 Online, In the office



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