You've come to the right place if...

● You are stressed, suffer from tension,anxiety, even depression;

● You want to know yourself better and understand how you function;

● You want to evolve, to give your life a broader meaning with more fulfillment ;

● You long for true inner transformation and to live.

How does it work in practice?

With these different tools, the therapist understands and accompanies you to identify the various bioenergetic phenomena, which can operate at the transgenerational level, that is to say what comes from the family tree, or other deeper memories. The process is to unravel the issues identified during the session using different techniques and allow the person a true inner transformation, a “quantum leap” in his or her evolution. The accompaniment can be extended withother therapies during the session according to your needs and your ailments (flower essences, chakra harmonization,…)

Thanks to this session, you will be able to...

● Putting words to your discomfort (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual);

● Become proactive and initiate a true transformation in your life;

● Get to know yourself better and understand your functioning by releasing your memories ;

● Regain your balance and vitality and finally LIVE the life of your dreams.

Practical information

🕑 Between 1h and 1h30

📍 Online, In the office, At home

from: 120.00CHF


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