Prenatal massage

You've come to the right place if...

● You are more than 3 months pregnant;

● You have muscle and joint pain;

● You have heavy legs;

● You have back pain;

● You need a moment of pure relaxation.

How does it work in practice?

This is aone-hour therapeutic massage session. Our therapists adapt to your needs as communicated during the anamnesis (preliminary interview at the beginning of the session). The pressure and effleurage applied promote thenatural self-healing mechanism so that you can regain vitality and free yourself from minor muscular and joint pains.

Thanks to this session, you will be able to...

● Improve your blood and lymphatic circulation;

● Relieve your mental and physical fatigue;

● Relieve your lumbar and cervical tensions;

● Improve your posture;

● Soften your skin while preventing theappearance of stretch marks;

● Drain tissue and relieve your heavy legs;

● Feel an intense sense of well-being.


The massage for pregnant women is THE treatment to recharge your batteries.

The ultimate moment of absolute relaxation before the arrival of baby, enjoy this magical moment!

Practical information

🕑 1h

📍 At home, At the office

from: 130.00CHF


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