Take care of the most important, your employees.

Samaé offers a wide range of group workshops on well-being at work and a personalized consultation service for each employee.

They speak about it

Join and other companies who understand the importance of employee well-being

Why do they do it?

A happy employeeis a successful employee

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More productive

How can our solution make your employees happy & successful?

Discover our courses, workshops and conferences led by experts.

Regular group sessions


In the office




Thighs-abdos-buttocks, Muscle strengthening, Cardio-training, Muscle awakening, Running, Stretching, Pilates.



Mindfulness, guided with visualization, breathwork.



Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Nidra, Yin, Kundalini, Yoga Therapy.

Workshops and Conferences

Stress management – Quality of life at work – leadership & communication

In the office


Stress management and burn-out prevention
Manage your daily stress, develop your resilience and mental strength in the face of difficulties and manage your emotions at work.
Quality of life at work
Prevent MSDs, back pain through sports, yoga, pilates and seated massage. Learn all the basics for a healthy, living and vitalizing nutrition.
Leadership & Communication
Transform your managers into leaders through healthy communication, feedback culture and executive coaching.
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We support you throughout the deployment

1 - Needs analysis

We qualify your needs and challenges together (employee profiles, existing activities, logistic constraints).

3 - Communication

We design customized communication tools to engage your employees (emails, posters, etc.).

2 - Setting up the activities

We recommend the most suitable activities and hire the best people for you.

4 - Assessment of initiatives

We measure the satisfaction of your employees and present you with an assessment of the initiatives.

Our quality experts are rigorously selected

We are more than 40 experts taking care of you today!

Training recognized in Switzerland
100% positive client feedback
Recommendations by other experts
Adherence to our ethical charter

Otherwise, you can make each employee an actor of his well-being, here is how …

Personalized individual session for each employee !

Offer your employees a subscription to our unique platform. They will have access to:

50+ individual services in sports, nutrition, massage, yoga, meditation, personal development and much more !
Online or in-person individual sessions in Geneva
-15% off our services for an unlimited period
A personalized follow-up with the best therapists and coaches selected on quality criteria.

How does it work?

The employee creates an account on our platform.

He selects the service of his choice and the professional of his choice.

He makes an appointment via his personal space or by email/phone.

He enjoys his session !

He give his feedback at the end of each session

At the end of the month, we send you an anonymized report of the services provided.

In short, you delegate to us the complete management of the well-being of your employees.

Why is the Samaé offer unique?

A complete wellness offer

Quality experts

In-class or online

Management from A to Z

Not convinced?

Acting on well-being at work means …

Become a quality of life at work champion.

Offering an innovative corporate wellness program can make a difference in attracting and retaining talent.

Make wellness an internal communication tool to bring cohesion and create social links between employees who never meet.

Develop corporate well-being as a vector for interpersonal communication and employee involvement.

Strengthen the feeling of belonging by federating your teams with a qualitative corporate well-being offer.

Act on the performance of your company by improving the level of well-being of your employees.

This is how it goes.

Contact with a member of the Samaé team.
Description of the context and your problem.
Proposal of services from Samaé and elaboration of the estimate.
Deployment of the Samaé offer internally to your teams.

Our customers speak best of it!


How to request a quote ?

Click on any of the action buttons above or contact us at hello@samae.ch

Where do the services take place ?

Online or on your premises or off-site.

What is the duration of each type of service ?
  • Group classes : 1h15 on average 
  • Workshops : 1h15 or 3h 
  • Conferences : 1h15 or 3h

However, we adapt to each request.

What is the difference between a workshop and a conference?

A conference serves to raise collective awareness. A workshop allows to put the knowledge learned into practice. 

Is the pass nominative ?

Yes, the pass is individual and nominative. 

Does the pass need to be activated?

Your pass is automatically activated when you order.

Can the pass be offered to employees in the form of a gift box ?

Yes, we do! We have a nice box containing an individual card with QR code to connect to the platform.

How many benefits does the pass entitle to?

It's unlimited ! Your collaborators will be able to enjoy without any limit.